NEC Aspila Topaz

The most cost effective choice for your expanding business's communication solutions is in the form of our high performance Aspila Topaz series. This series intelligently incorporates all the key features which set the standard in exceeding the needs and expectations of any small to medium sized business immaculately.

Aspila Topaz is a cutting-edge Digital Key Telephone System that accommodates immediate and emerging business requirements of the small and medium enterprise (SMEs), small offices and home offices (SOHOs).  The scalable intelligent telecommunication tool is designed to effectively and cost-efficiently meet the increasing needs of growing SMEs / SOHOs.

With high-performance design, it sets out to distinguish itself with uniqueness that all smart businesses desire:

  1. Allows scalability by allowing progression from an initial of 3 trunks and 8 extensions to an impressive 27 trunks and 72 extensions.
  2. Provides fully hybrid ports for the combination of multi types of terminals such as analogue single line telephones (SLT), proprietary key phones, modems, facsimile, answering machines and more.
  3. Supports the integration of voice and data, through supplementary services from your local service provider (e.g. Euro-ISDN BRI, ISDN DDI/MSN, CLIP and more).

Other noteworthy benefits that makes the Aspila Topaz exceptional:

  • Lets you know your caller through Built-in Caller ID Detection and Transmission. Plus, easy access to a record of the last 16 missed calls.
  • Get the best rates with Least Cost Routing (LCR) and Automatic Route Selection (ARS) if you have more than one service provider.
  • Handling your calls expertly while you are away with up to 48 Voice Response System (VRS) messages for accurate treatment of diverse incoming calls.
  • Redirect calls to your choice of telecommunication equipments to help avoid missing important calls.