EVM Auto-attendant System

EVM Series Auto-attendant is compatible to almost all Key Telephone and PABX Systems in the market. EVM200X Auto-Attendant provides a 2-port SLT interface with expandable Auto-Attendant and Audiotex system. Especially its unique mailbox will handle customer's messages during after office hours or line busy situation. It is a high quality and multi-functional system.


  1. Auto-Attendant
  2. Blind call transfer, supervised call transfer, and unsupervised call transfer for group extensions.
  3. Day/night/noon/holiday operator service
  4. Flexible extension numbering layout up to 9 digits
  5. Hunt group operators
  6. Multi-lingual greetings/prompts
  7. Transfer destinations: hunt group extensions, internal extensions, external extensions, designated external phones, departmental secretary, and mutual mailbox.
  8. Weekly business schedule and holiday schedule
  9. Audiotex
  10. 4 levels, 9 or 256 one-digit information menus and receptionists
  11. Day/night/noon information menus and receptionists.
  12. Mutual Mailbox (Answering Machine)
  13. Message notification
  14. Time and date stamp on messages
  15. Variable message recording time
  16. Variable number of messages (up to 198 messages)


  1. System password and Administrator password
  2. Equipped with recharging function for external back-up battery (option)
  3. Hook-flash and CPT parameters auto-configuration
  4. Remote/on-site programming and recording
  5. Statistical reports: no-answer, ext. busy, operator busy and incoming calls Voice instruction


  • 3.5mm “Audio In” jack for downloading announcements
  • Voice storage with FLASH-EPROM
  • Capacity: 36 minutes (EVM2006A) / 60 minutes (EVM2010A)
  • SLT interface: 2 ports modular growth
  • Power: 13VDC / 1.3W
  • Size: 25.5cm (D) x 15.5cm (W) x 4.2cm (H)
Feature \ Model EVM2006A EVM2010A
Voice Storage 36 minutes 60 minutes
Audiotex 9 menus 256 menus
Mailbox Mutual
Integrated by DTMF
SLT Interface 2 Ports
Power 13 VDC / 1.3W
Size 25.5cm (D) * 15.5cm (W) * 4.2cm (H)