NEC Aspila EX

Reap the insurmountable benefits of using IP (Internet Protocol) communication with our comprehensive range of Aspila EX models. Our revolutionary one box solutions for voice, data, CTI applications and other functions would ensure both your investments and technological progression are impeccably correlated and managed. Also handy is the range's uncanny flexibility which allows complete sovereignty for you to decide the level of IP that your organization is able to adapt gradually.

The amazing cost saving of IP network with Aspila EX is achievable through:

  1. Maintaining just one combined network rather than having both digital and analogue running.
  2. Bypassing the high cost of long distance carrier by using the cost effective data network.
  3. Keeping only single cable termination to the desktop.
  4. Deploying main office features to remote personnel.

Other significant features that Aspila EX packs:

  1. Message Center Keys allows different users to have their respective message key while sharing the same phone.
  2. Conversation Record saves and records conversation into designated mailbox with the touch of a button.
  3. Park and Page allows caller to page the recipient before placing a message.
  4. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) distributes calls evenly among members in a team.
  5. Wireless/Cordless connects users while they are away from desk.
  6. Online System Maintenance simplifies the tasks of changing data settings.
  7. Automatic Route Selection (ARS) selects the best provider for outbound calls.