MicroEngine XP-GT3200L

Flexible, Reliable and More Features

  • Optical FingerPrint Sensor - More reliable (No hassle of Electric Static Discharge that damage the sensor)
  • 3,200 templates
  • Can be used together with Card Access System with the same software
  • Operating Mode
  • Card Only
  • ID No Only
  • Fingerprint
  • Card + PIN
  • ID No + Fingerprint
  • Card + PIN + Fingerprint
  • ID No + PIN + Fingerprint

The XP-GT3200L Access Control System is designed to meet the high standards required in security for today and in the future. Attached with the fingerprint verification unit, the XP-GT3200L is able to cater for different levels of security needs and applications. The user may opt to install card identification first and still have the option to add the fingerprint verification when the need arises.

The XP-GT3200L itself boast a rich suit of features and capabilities. Built with high density memory offered by flash technologies, it can cater to a card user capacity of up to 3,200 and transaction record capacity of up to 20,000 to cater to applications ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and even public sectors. 99 numbers of Time Set and Time Zone provides the user with the flexibility to control the access level of each user up to the minute. Its capability to offer different features when operating under Door Access and Time attendance also enables it to provide a more complete solution under these circumstances.

LAN Capable

The XP-GT3200L includes built-in controller with direct TCP/IP that enabling faster data transfer, it is cater for property with existing Local Area Network (LAN) facility.
Fingerprint Reader

The fingerprint reader which is built on matured technology to realize a durable and high performance fingerprint verification solution. With an optical sensor, the user can have a peace of mind over issues like Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) threats and dry finger readability which cause other readers to fail. The fingerprint reader comes equipped with a high performance 32bit RISC MCU to perform verification at high accuracy with the minimum time. With the fingerprint reader installed on the XP-GT3200L, the user can realize different types of Access Operation Modes with combinations of ID No, PIN, Card and Fingerprint to provide different levels of security.