eBill is a versatile call accounting system operating in windows environment. Specially designed for local usage, it is a highly powerful yet user-friendly system providing you access to all the data and information essential for effective control of your telephone system. Users can create, modify and delete extensions or accounts, all with great ease.

Email Enabled
To enhance the convenience for users to use the system, reports may be sent through email to those who need the reports but are not within the office premises.

Comprehensive Reports
With eBill, you can generate detailed reports on telephone usage by extension, department, country or account code. Report information includes destination and length of call and cost incurred, whether it is local, STD or IDD calls. Users also have the choice of seeing reports in tabulated and graphical formats on screen or in hard copies. This system is highly useful for cost allocation purpose in organizations with numerous departments and divisions. Different types of calls.

Better Control of Telephone Usage
With eBill, companies will have better control of telecommunications costs as the usage of the telephone system can be maximized. Costs are incurred only when necessary, keeping overall operating costs to a minimum.

Highly Flexible
eBill is a highly flexible system. It supports both NEC Aspila EX and Topaz communication systems and can handle an unlimited number of trunk lines and extensions. There are also different versions available to meet your organization’s needs.

Security Features Incorporated
Administrators can determine the security level for their call accounting system by limiting the number of users. These users can only access the system by limiting the number of users. These users can only access the system when they login their name and password.

The system provides the following reports:

  • Extension Details
  • Extension Summary
  • Department Details
  • Department Summary
  • Account Number Details
  • Account Number Summary
  • Country Details
  • Country Summary
  • Call Type Details
  • Call Type Summary
  • Route Details
  • Route Summary
  • Trunk Details
  • Trunk Summary
  • Client Code Details
  • Client Code Summary
  • Number Dialed Details
  • Telco Bill