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Telelog Enterprise is a voice recording solution for Analogue line/phone/Extension, Digital phone/Extension, and also ISDN PRI E1 Trunk with capability of recording up to 128 Analogue or Digital channels simultaneously. And 4 ISDN PRI E1 Trunk simultaneously.

Telelog Enterprise uses Industry Standard Server and PCI Voice Recording Cards to Record telephone conversation with dialed number and Caller ID displayed for easy reference and retrieval.

Features and Functions

  • Logs dialed number (DTMF) & Caller ID number (FSK) for searching.
  • Storing recording files in high quality sound format on Hard disk (Daily Folder), DVD or LAN.
  • Allows multiple users Find & Play recordings simultaneously, ordered by date, line, caller ID, Extension No., Remark or dialed number or from other computers on LAN
  • All Status of the recording channel can be LIVE monitored simultaneously, and individual channel conversation can be heard LIVE via LAN.
  • Recording on Demand, Voice Detection Trigger recording (VOX), ON/OFF hook trigger recording. Voltage detection, weekly schedule, and continues recording.
  • Convert recordings to wave files which can be playback in Media player.
  • Multiple Class of Service (COS) Functions can be independently assigned to administrators, providing flexible COS.
  • Support RAID 1 (Disk Mirroring) for Data Redundancy
  • User friendly Graphic User Interface (GUI) for easy operation


Telelog Personal is a simple, powerful and cost effective voice recording solution to deploy in any organization. It is designed for contact center, executives, medical professionals, financial brokers, agents and others to record conversations in their course of work.

Typical Usage

  • Call Centre, Help Desk, Hospitals, Financial Institutions
  • Record Conference Call
  • To handle customer disputes and complaints
  • Protection of staff from abusive / difficult customers
  • Quality appraisals
  • Monitoring Customer Service

System Requirements

  • Pentium IV Processor and above
  • 512MB RAM Memory
  • 80GB Hard Disk with 2 Drive / Partitions
  • Supports Microsoft XP / VISTA
  • Sound Card & Speaker / Headset for Playback
  • Must Having 2 PCI slot at MotherboardĀ